Airstream Dispatches

Sunrise and deep twilight in my 1970 Airstream Sovereign

Sunrise and deep twilight in my 1970 Airstream Sovereign

All lit up, she’s dreamy, isn’t she? If you’re new to my offerings, you might be wondering—does she really live in that thing? Yes, I did. For three years. But what does that have to do with my business as a mentor who guides writers from practiced to published, from blocked to flowing?

If you’ve just found your way to my site, you’re in good company. My readers are also my equals, and also like you—striving, talented, hopeful, challenged, determined, curious. Just check out some of the accomplishments and published books by writers I’ve worked with. None of this happened quickly, but it didn’t happen by chance, either. Join me and a community of writers for Airstream Dispatches as we get grounded, talk craft, generate, and connect. This curated experience will enliven and inspire, deepening your creative practice (essential for any writer). Here’s how it all started:

I used to have this dream: me, my fave writing pals, an Airstream trailer, and a cross-country road trip. We’d read aloud to one another, ask questions, laugh, write in our notebooks, and gaze out the windows as the countryside blurred by. But now I own a home, my Airstream is up on blocks, and I spend upwards of 40 hours per week sitting in a chair, nursing my baby.

But even from this vantage point, I still believe meaningful writing community can be formed. That’s why I decided to experiment with this new program. I keep hearing from individual writers who struggle with and want the same things. I feel that. I see that. And I am in search of a group of dedicated writers who want the same thing I do: new knowledge, fun, productivity, and connection—no strings attached. Is this you? Will you show up for yourself and your imagination, just once a month?

Airstream Dispatches is a chance for us to gather in this spirit to do meaningful creative work. There will be no homework, but you will write and feel inspired. There will be others present, but you will feel rejuvenated, not sapped. Meet with me and writers like yourself via live video streaming and I’ll give you everything I’ve got as I shape our time.

Let’s bring this Airstream, pop-up, writerly, circus dream into reality. Let’s grow and laugh together. Will you join me? Limited spaces are available. I hope one of them will be filled by you. Click here to enroll for $240.

DETAILS: Starting late September, together, we’ll look inward for inspiration and clarity, then move outward into a brief discussion of craft, then write from a prompt based on what we’ve learned. We’ll close with a momentary check-in or Q&A. And we’ll do it again the next month. Exact dates are TBA, but rest assured the webinars will be on Sundays, will be recorded (in case you can’t attend or want to review), and they’ll happen 6 times September-March (with December off). Come join the circus!

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