Awarded 2013 Book of the Year in Literary Fiction from MWSA and IndieFab Book of the Year from Forword Reviews.
Numerous characters—returning U.S. soldier and pragmatic jihadist, Afghan mother and listless American sister, courageous amputee and a ghost that cannot let go—appear in Flashes of War, which captures personal moments of fear, introspection, confusion, and valor in one collection spanning nations and perspectives. Written in clear, accessible language with startling metaphors, this unforgettable journey leaves aside judgment, bringing us closer to a broader understanding of war by focusing on individuals, their motivations, and their impossible decisions. Available for $16.95 beginning May, 2013, © Loyola University Maryland, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-934074-85-5. Buy now via Malaprop's Bookstore.

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This fifty-page 7"x"7 softcover book contains 12 essays and numerous photographs documenting Schultz and Darwent's exploration of North Carolina's most historic swinging footbridges. Learn more about the project here or buy now using PayPal. $25 plus shipping and handling, (c) Schultz & Darwent, 2009. A community-funded publication. New: Own it now in eBook format for just $3.99!

BITE: An Anthology of Flash Fiction
edited by Katey Schultz
Whether looking back at Hercules Massis, reporting the night terrors of Shop-Vac man, or entering the imaginary world of a young boy and his pet fish, these 33 stories conjure vivid worlds in a matter of sentences. BITE: An Anthology of Flash Fiction zeroes in on the intimate, often overlooked moments of life that have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In these very brief stories, emerging authors such as Lesley Alicia Tye, and established masters of the form like Tom Hazuka, demonstrate that the truth of our lives lies in the details. Authors include: Sherrie Flick, Bruce Holland Rogers, Alex Mindt, Tara L. Masih, and more. Click here to order for $12.95 (c) Trachodon Publishing LLC, 2012. ISBN 0615721893. 

Coming Home edited by Katey Schultz
"Home is where the heart is." It's a saying as old and unquestioned as time itself. But anyone who has had to leave home knows that coming back is never the same. Published by Main Street Rag and edited by Schultz, Coming Home represents Main Street Rag Publishing Company's 2010 annual fiction anthology. Click here to order for $15.95 (c) Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2010. ISBN 13: 978-1-59948-247-7.

Dots on a Map: Small Town Stories edited by Katey Schultz
They say the people make the place and this collection of short stories about unique characters in a small town setting captures the truth of that adage. Published by Main Street Rag and edited by Schultz, Dots on a Map is the publishing company's 2009 annual fiction anthology. Click here to read the introduction, see a list of contributors, and order the book. $16.95 (c) Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2009. ISBN 13: 978-1-59948-188-3.