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Maybe you’ve even been told you don’t need to network before you’re published.

Genuinely represent yourself in person and online. 


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A trade published author. A poet laureate. Unpublished writers. First-time authors. Bloggers. Freelance & self-published writers. Arts instructors. Indie press managers. A publicist. A press manager. A published professor. An MFA graduate. A publishing intern. An academic director.

What is Katey’s Notes?

Katey’s Notes is my Cliff’s Notes to effective stewardship and marketing,  containing task lists and time-saving tips that will clear your head, clear your desk, and let you get back to creative pursuits that matter most. This is the only e-course that includes tell-all financial details authors never share, as well as providing one-on-one email support for a customized experience. I had to learn this the hard way; you can learn it the conscientious way. What cost me $12,000 could cost you as little as $87.



4 video lessons

8 full lessons & 5 bonus PDFs

33 concrete tasks to select from based on your goals

33 curated external links for complementary info

Personal Instructor Assistance



Most Popular Course

8 full lessons & 5 bonus PDFs

33 concrete tasks to select from based on your goals

33 curated external links for complementary info

Personal Instructor Assistance



8 full lessons & 5 bonus PDFs

33 concrete tasks to select from based on your goals

33 curated external links for complementary info

Two 30-min video consults w/ the instructor

Critical review of your stewardship & marketing plans

Personal Instructor Assistance


“More than just helping me set my first book up for success, Katey Schultz’s guidance helped me understand the tasks of marketing and self promotion in a way that took the ick factor out of both and brought me back to why I write in the first place: to connect. A website, a social media presence, a plan of action for getting the word out—I was just starting out on all of it, and Katey’s hard-earned experience and counsel were incredibly helpful.

All writers, from the newbie to the seasoned pro, will benefit from these tools. I’ve referred back to her wise counsel again and again, and have passed on what I’ve learned to many friends and fellow writers. I recommend her course without reservation.”


–Rachel Starnes, Author of The War at Home: A Wifes Search for Peace (And Other Missions Impossible) forthcoming from Penguin Books 7/5/16

Why do you need this course?

The publishing world is changing. Over-worked writers face pressure to establish “brands” and “platforms” (even before contacting agents), not to mention, “sell, sell, sell.” This jargon fails to realize the thing that matters most: how to connect with your audience and contribute to conversations you care about in lasting, time-effective ways.

Grow your audience and give them the opportunity to experience you without sacrificing your privacy. Foster community, not capitalism—even though the end result of this e-course is often increased sales and exposure.

Before, during, and after my first book tour, I built solid relationships with key groups including book store owners, publicists, agents, editors, librarians, teachers, bloggers, and readers. I learned first-hand that there is a way to kick the ICK out of marketing and engage with authenticity. (I also figured out how to earn back that $12,000, and then some…)



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LESSON ONE: What is Literary Stewardship and how do I begin?

LESSON TWO: What conversations do I care about and how can they help me establish myself as a writer and literary steward?

LESSON THREE: What is the best way to represent myself in person and online, and connect with my right audience?

LESSON FOUR: How do I use social media to speak to my audience, as well as connect with key contacts that matter?

LESSON FIVE: What is the best way to work with booksellers before, during, and after publication?

LESSON SIX: What can I do on my own to market my successes, and how do I decide if I need to hire help?

LESSON SEVEN: What kind of writer is self-publishing best for?

LESSON EIGHT: What do I need to know about book tours?

+ these bonuses:

  • Considerations for Family Members and Social Media
  • One Week of Sample Social Media Content
  • How to Support Your Favorite Indie Authors
  • 12 Small Actions that Create a Big Impact for Your Book
  • How to Get Paid When They Say They Can’t Pay You

Take part in a movement that’s changing publishing, social media, self-employment, and self-representation for the better! 

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Questions & Answers

I’ve signed up. Now what do I do?

Once payment is received, I will send you a private invitation to the course via my email service provider, Feedblitz. Click on the link in the invite, and your course will begin shortly.

What do I need to take this e-course?

An email account, a PayPal account, and a computer. The desire to take 15 minutes to read a lesson every 2 days. The promise to yourself that you will take action with the checklists offered at the end of each lesson. (For additional optional content, you might plan for 30-60 extra minutes per lesson to follow bonus links and study downloadable PDFs.)

Ive never taken an e-course before, will it require special technical knowledge?

No. My lessons are cleanly and clearly designed and will be delivered directly to your inbox every 2 days. They will not require any software downloads or special accessories other than your computer.

I dont have very much free time. Are the checklists going to make me feel overwhelmed?

Anytime we feel overwhelmed, it’s because a problem feels so huge, we don’t know where to begin. This e-course tells you exactly where to begin and enables you to take things step-by-step. You will be given checklists that are time-effective and do-able. It won’t happen without effort and focus, but it won’t be impossible or all-consuming, either. The lessons are yours to keep forever, so if life gets busier than anticipated as the e-course unfolds, save them for a rainy day and let the learning continue.

I already have a book and/or an agent. Do I really need to know all this stuff?

Yes. Even if your agent is your champion (and I hope she is!) and if your publisher designed a five-star marketing plan for you, connecting with your right audience is still up to you. In this day and age, readers seek us out. If we’re not prepared, we might send mixed messages or—worse—no message at all, leaving people to fill in the blanks however they want. Learn how to be consistent and pleasant, without sapping energy from your precious writing time. Supplement what your publisher is already doing (or has done) with a few key moves that will help you stand out authentically, with very little effort.

I dont really care about publishing, but I love identifying as a writer and want to connect with the literary world in respectable ways. Is this e-course for me?

Yes. If you want to make those connections, there are about ten thousand ineffective ways to do it, and a few tried-and-true effective ways. Learn how to proceed the right way, and delight in the connections and community that follow!

I dislike (or dont use) social media. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, there’s lots you can do! In-person engagement matters in the writing and book worlds. These lessons will help you see why and how, and might even help you feel less frustrated by social media in the long run.

“Katey Schultz is a seasoned guide to the daunting process of strategizing and mapping the route for launching a book. Having her tips & advice, before, after, and during the release season is terrific. The publishing world is new and challenging. Katey has her finger on the pulse and working with her will help any author survive and thrive and even enjoy the publication and promotion process.” (Ellen Prentiss Campbell, Contents Under Pressure and The Bowl with Gold Seams)

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