What could be more exciting for a teacher than to celebrate the success of writers she has mentored? I’m honored to have had the opportunity to offer critiques of the drafts of all the work featured here. I commend these writers for their focus and devotion, and I heartily congratulate them for these accomplishments.


  • Supposing She Dreamed This by Gail Wallace Bozzano, short story chapbook, June 2016, Michigan Writers Cooperative Press
  • The Geography of Water by Mary Emerick, novel, 2015 University of Alaska Press
  • North of Hope: A Daughter’s Arctic Journey by Shannon Polson, memoir published by Zondervan
  • The Shadow of the Evening by Laura Brylawski-Miller, novel published by Eloquent Books
  • The Honor Was Mine by Elizabeth Heaney, memoir published by Grand Harbor Press, September 2016

Stories & Essays

Programs & Events

  • Amy Tavern accepted into California College of the Arts MFA program.
  • Nancy Parshall read “Real Calcutta,” a flash nonfiction piece, at the Dunes Review launch in Michigan.
  • Amy Mindell accepted into Vermont College of Fine Arts low-res MFA in Writing program.
  • Gail Wallace Bozzano was awarded the 2015 Rubin Fellowship from the Ragdale Foundation.
  • Amy Zahm accepted into Eastern Oregon University’s low-res MFA in Creative Writing program.
  • Pat Adelhardt delivered her first public reading from her memoir at Fishtrap’s Fireside reading series, October 2014.