I’m honored to have had the opportunity to offer critiques of the drafts of all the work featured here. I commend these writers for their focus and devotion, and I heartily congratulate them for these accomplishments.


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Stories & Essays (partial list)

  • “Normal” by Lea Page, flash nonfiction, published in The Seventh Wave.
  • “Darcy’s Law” by Heather Clitheroe, short story, published in Geeky Giving.
  • “BJ, Are You There?” by Cat Wyatt, flash fiction; and “Real Calcutta” by Nancy Parshall, flash nonfiction; both published in Dunes Review.
  • “Mourning Cloak” by Gail Wallace Bozzano, essay published in Cactus Heart.
  • “Wrestling with Myself” by Julia Poole, essay published in Moon Magazine and in Motherlode: Essays on Parenting anthology.
  • “Colorado Mining Memories” by Steven Wade Veatch, essay, published in Deposits Magazine.
  • “Duty Rack” by Jerri Bell, flash fiction published in Pleiades Magazine.
  • “Her Husband’s Stars” by Jerri Bell, flash fiction published in Consequence Magazine.
  • “Where the Piano Stood” and “The Neighbors Will Take the Chickens” by Nancy Parshall, flash fiction published in KYSO Flash online and print. “The Neighbors will Take the Chickens” was also nominated for Best of the Net Awards and published in Bear River Review.
  • “Supposing She Dreamed This” by Gail Wallace Bozzano, short story published in Grub Street.
  • “Greyhound” by David Chatt, creative nonfiction published in Great Smokies Review.
  • “Shooting for Six” by Nancy Parshall, flash fiction, 101 Words.
  • “When the Horses are Dead” by Nancy Parshall, flash fiction, Dime Show Review.
  • “North Pole” by Steven Wade Veatch, essay published in Ute Country News.
  • “A Mother’s Journey” by Susan Radzilowski, essay published in One Teacher in Ten: Third Edition (Beacon Press, 2015), edited by Kevin Jennings.
  • “Cuts Both Ways” by Heather Clitheroe, short story published in Lightspeed Magazine.
  • “Wild Things Got to Go Free” by Heather Clitheroe, short story published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
  • “Coaltown” by Heather Clitheroe, short story published in Genus Loci anthology.
  • “Feels Like Despair” by Gail Wallace Bozzano, essay published in Chicago Literati.

Programs & Events

  • Amy Tavern accepted into California College of the Arts MFA program.
  • Nancy Parshall read “Real Calcutta,” a flash nonfiction piece, at the Dunes Review launch in Michigan.
  • Amy Mindell accepted into Vermont College of Fine Arts low-res MFA in Writing program.
  • Gail Wallace Bozzano was awarded the 2015 Rubin Fellowship from the Ragdale Foundation.
  • Amy Zahm accepted into Eastern Oregon University’s low-res MFA in Creative Writing program.
  • Pat Adelhardt delivered her first public reading from her memoir at Fishtrap’s Fireside reading series, October 2014.