Apr 14, 2016


The Writing Life blog is taking a short break as I prepare the latest revision of my novel for submission to agent(s) on May 1st. Additionally, readers who've been following my "think big" conversations (about vision, fascination, looking back, and ideas) know that by the end of May, my website, blog, and business will re-launch with a new design and model. The URL will be the same--www.kateyschultz.com--but hopefully your experience will be streamlined and enriched.

Meantime, please fill out the survey (below),  consider emailing me your sincere referrals (below), and please make sure you're on my blog newsletter list (subscribe in the left sidebar by entering your email) so you don't miss a thing. There will be about 1 newsletter a month, never spam, and your email address will be protected.

Thank you for reading and caring about my work!

Call for Sincere Referrals

Nearly 100 of you have taken the survey so far, and I'm taking your requests and needs into consideration as I redesign my offerings and website. There was one question I couldn't include in the survey, however, and it's about referrals. All the research I've done on expanding business models says that referrals and word of mouth are still worth their weight in gold. If you're reading this, it means you know other writers or creative types who might benefit from the tone and caliber of the services I offer.

Can you think of 3-5 people who might want to take an online class with me or work with me 1-on-1 in some way? Would you be willing to share their names and email addresses with me? Here's my promise: I will email each individual personally with a very short message, saying that you gave me permission to contact them. Then, I'll ask permission to add them to my email list so that they can be made aware of upcoming courses and writing opportunities. If they say yes, I'd add them. If they say no or don't reply, I'd never contact them again.

If that resonates with you, please email me now [katey-dot-schultz-at-gmail-dot-com] with your sincere referrals. It will make a tremendous difference as I move forward with this next big step in The Writing Life. Thank you.

Mar 28, 2016

Survey for Writers

Diving deep in my work with the creative consultant and her web designer these last few weeks, we've done a lot of hard thinking about the writers I work with and aspire to work with. What are their key problems? What is the premise of those problems? What can I promise that will be genuinely enticing and effective, helping them solve that problem?

That's a big of business-speak, I know, but here's the writerly version. If you're reading this blog--whether you identify as a "writer" or something else--I want your opinion. Can you take 7 minutes and answer these questions for me? It will help me grow and improve my business! [And here's the direct link to the private survey, if the box below doesn't load on your device.]

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Mar 25, 2016

Giant Ear Trumpets

This week, I shared a photo from the South Toe Valley's very own photo blog, Celo Photo Blogspot. This is a blog written and maintained by two creative pals in the area--Jeff Goodman and Robin Dreyer. I love the blog, not only because it shows me my own valley and mountain range through someone else's eyes, but also because it highlights delightful explorations such as...


Since the post got 68 (and counting) shares on Facebook, I couldn't resist also featuring this very fine project on my own blog. The full post, with photo documentation from start to finish, can be found here, courtesy Robin and Jeff. For now, suffice it to say that I live in a place where people build giant ear thingies to better enable them to hear Spring. I mean - does it get any better than this? I don't think so. Brad and I are going to visit the structures, which are in a field just down the road from us, next week. YES!